Meet Lynda

Lynda Soberanes is a Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of BC and a member of the Dietitians of Canada. She completed her BSc in Human Nutrition and Food Science in Mexico, where she had the opportunity to start her private practice as well as teach, work and volunteer in hospitals and clinics.

In 2010, she moved to Vancouver to start her MSc in Human Nutrition at UBC. After finishing, she  worked in nutrition research and as dietitian with children and adults with different health conditions such as overweight/obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc. She has a research-based practice and deeply cares about each one of her patients. And as every Mexican, she loves food, not only as a way to get nourished, but also as something to enjoy that has the potential to bring us together with family, friends and our traditions- regardless of where we are coming from.
She is able to provide the nutrition consultations in English or Spanish.

A bit more about my approach:

I strongly disagree with diets that make you hungry and obligue you to classify food as good/bad. My experience is that those diets can lead to guilt, shame, frustration and may affect your relationship with food and eating. I believe in learning facts based on science, while tuning in with your hunger and satiety cues and practice self-regulation. I also believe that almost any food hast the potential to be nourishing and many meals can be improved with some adjustments- sometimes it is changing the proportion of the ingredients, sometimes it means to add one extra ingredient or substitute with an ingredient that has more nutrients. I am happy to work with you to understand the basics of nutrition and find what works the best for you.

I love meeting with clients and help them find the way to include enough nutrients, feel more energy, achieve health, and all that while eating their own traditional, cultural or favourite foods- or learn how to use new ingredients that can provide different flavours! 
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